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Race Online 2012

The Payments Council is delighted to become a partner to Race Online 2012, the government-funded programme that aims to broaden internet use by the end of the Olympic year.  The aim is to enable 1.9 million people who have never used the internet before to go online for the first time.  Since Race Online 2012's launch in March 2010, 1,031 partners have signed up to help "inspire, encourage and support millions online".    

The Payments Council is helping by raising awareness of the benefits of being online and we're providing security advice to help people shop and bank online with confidence. 

In addition, we've made a partner promise to:

  1. Help disseminate Race Online 2012 messages through our own communication channels and will promote messages about the benefits of making payments online, in particular to older people.
  2. Participate and/or run events which aim to motivate, educate and inspire people to use the web, particularly for making and receiving payments.
  3. Provide speakers, logos and advertising at relevant events and explore ways to adopt the Go ON messaging.

Race Online 2012 is led by Martha Lane Fox, who was appointed UK Digital Champion by the new government in June 2010.    

  • Click here for more information about Race Online 2012 and here to read its Manifesto for a Networked Nation.
  • Click here to become a Digital Champion and help someone you know get online for the first time.
  • Click here to visit Pay YOUR Way, the Payments Council website explaining today's payment options.