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IBAN Checker

To check an IBAN:

Type the IBAN in the upper box and click the 'check' button.

If the IBAN has been copied from elsewhere, paste it into the lower box and click 'check'.

Type the IBAN here
Copy the IBAN here

  • An IBAN in printed format is likely to be prefaced by the word IBAN, e.g. IBAN GB19 LOYD 3096 1700 7099 43. Do NOT input the word IBAN, as it is not part of the account number. For the above example enter only GB19 LOYD 3096 1700 7099 43.
  • Remove any spaces in the IBAN.
  • Ensure that the IBAN has been correctly transcribed.
  • IBANs are not all the same length. Some sections of the validator may be left blank.

If the IBAN is invalid, contact the person/company who provided the IBAN for more information.

Users of this IBAN Checker must accept the conditions of use. By continuing any further you are deemed to have accepted these conditions. This service is provided solely to allow users to check the validity of IBANs that have been quoted to them. If you need an IBAN for your own use, please contact your bank who will provide you with one. Do not attempt to generate your own IBAN. The IBAN checker is not designed for, and must not be used for, the generation of IBANs by bank customers.