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New research shows proposed account switching service will be a major improvement

Today (24 January) the Payments Council published the findings from qualitative market research aimed at assessing customers’ reactions to the proposed new current account switching service, due to launch in September 2013.

Participants in the research felt that the new switching service would be a major improvement on the process in place at the moment, and that it would go a long way to address existing concerns about switching current accounts, such as the inconvenience involved and the risk of something going wrong. 

The new switching service promises to:
• reduce the amount of time it takes to switch an account from around 18 days to seven working days
• provide an account switching guarantee that customers can rely on
• automatically switch incoming payments to the new account.

The research, carried out by independent research company, Optimisa Research, involved a series of focus groups with consumers and business and charity representatives from across the UK.  A four-page summary of the findings from the market research, as well as the full report, can be downloaded from the Current Projects section of the Payments Council website:

Adrian Kamellard, Chief Executive of the Payments Council comments: 

“We are delighted to see that the significant improvements we are making to the account switching process have met with widespread approval.
“As a result of these changes it will be quicker and simpler to switch account from September 2013. In addition, this is likely to lead to a more competitive and transparent market place for current accounts – which is great news for customers.”

For further information contact the Payments Council press office on 020 3217 8251/8234/8340 or email


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