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Research with disabled consumers and people aged over 80

As part of the 2011 National Payments Plan, we set up a project to conduct research with those consumers less well covered in our existing research, including people with cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities and people aged 80 and above. We intend to use the findings to identify potential actions to enhance payment services for these consumers.

The research is designed to help us understand more about the use and experience of older and disabled people using payment services, as well as their perceptions and attitudes to payment services more broadly. Our focus is on how barriers can be removed and where different choices could help people overcome the obstacles they are experiencing.

To help shape our approach to this work, we used a special advisory group with representatives from consumer organisations representing older and disabled people, including Age UK, Citizens Advice, the International Longevity Centre, National Pensioners’ Convention, Scope and RNIB. The Advisory Group is chaired by a Payments Council Independent Director, Stephen Locke.

The full research report can be read here and the Executive Summary here. The report highlights key payment service gaps, the impact of barriers on payment service users as well as coping strategies and workarounds

Full Report

Summary Report